Nancy Geronian, President and Founder of FindYou Life Coach, is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Nancy has gained valuable experiences at a multinational technology and consulting corporation, two actuarial consulting firms, and Carnegie Mellon University, where her coworkers, friends, and even strangers have reached out to her for advice. These people felt comfortable sharing whatever was holding them back from their ultimate goals knowing she will provide the best feedback she possibly can. She tutored throughout her pre-undergraduate years through at-home tutoring services, Pittsburgh Public School partnerships, and volunteer initiatives. As an academic counselor, teaching assistant, and tutor at Carnegie Mellon University, Nancy realized how much mentorship and coaching not only meant to her students but also meant to her.

She founded FindYou Life Coach in January of 2016 based on the principle that no one needs to walk through life without being noticed and valued, whether that is in their career, relationships or friendships. Nancy coaches clients who feel a sense of confusion, anger or even frustration. The goal of the coaching sessions is to use those kinds of emotions as fuel for their new victories. She wants anyone who comes into contact with FindYou Life Coach services to embody their "infinity of hope."

Our Story

A FINDYOU LIFE COACH helps people bring their own unique value and purpose to their day-to-day interactions and goals. Simply put, FindYou Life Coach takes pride in its ability to assist clients to go from helpless thoughts to hopeful action through one-on-one coaching sessions, email support and even text messaging support (see our Services page).


Remember, when you embody your "infinity of hope," you are:

⋅  Connecting your inner purpose and passion to your goals and strategies

⋅  Knowing you are in control of your reactions to your current day's opportunities

⋅  Understanding how to be self-knowing and self-reflecting


In today's fast-paced, competitive world, we sometimes lose focus on what we truly want and walk through life working towards goals we may have not even set for ourselves. We want you to take control of your aspirations and a FindYou Life Coach will help you get there. FindYou Life Coach primarily focuses on the following areas:


Job Hunting:

⋅  Set yourself apart from other applicants

⋅  Maintain an impactful presence while networking

⋅  One-on-one interview demos with your coach

⋅  Resume workshops focusing on what sets you apart

⋅  Explore opportunities in other industries


Corporate Work:

⋅  Excel in day-to-day work place delivery

⋅  Feel like you are not another number amongst your peers


Home Life:

⋅  Thrive in meaningful relationships that bring value and purpose

⋅  Bring awareness to the cycle of relationships that are not working for you

⋅  Work with your partner to grow past unhealthy communication habits

⋅  Have enriched sex lives that feel meaningful, intimate and passionate