Executive Vice President, Human Resources

“Nancy is an amazing Life Coach. Her ability to go beyond listening and actually 'hear' a clients' true need is a unique skill. Her holistic approach to coaching allows one to feel centered and calm through out the session as one works through individual challenges. As one who has had the opportunity to both be coached by Nancy and observe her coaching skills I highly recommend Nancy as a Life Coach.”


Career Coaching Client

"I am extremely proud and honored to offer my testimonial for Nancy Geronian and for her, 'Find You Life Coach' service.


Nancy is the most knowledgeable, personable, and uniquely qualified life coach that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I came to her seeking guidance on both a personal and a professional level. She met me easily and formidably on both fronts. She immediately helped me plumb my inner strengths, clarify my priorities, and define my options.


Nancy causes her clients to feel instantly warm and at ease around her. She makes you feel like your needs matter, like your feelings and thoughts are a top priority for her, and like you are destined to find the help that you seek. And you do!  While she was extremely disciplined with time management during our sessions, she strove to be completely present at every single moment and to give me the maximum amount of her attention, advice, insight, and wisdom for the time provided.


I feel that our sessions were invaluable and that her life coaching lessons are well worth the money and the time. I can now see a clear pathway towards my personal and my career goals and I am now manifesting positive results and experiences that I once thought impossible. I owe my ability to pro-actively create the happy reality that I want (versus settling for a miserable ending that I don't) directly to Nancy's exceptional coaching abilities.


I am extremely grateful for having met Nancy and for her having taken me on as a client. She taught me so much and, long after our sessions have ended, she still makes herself available to me when I have the occasional question or the minor request.


Bless you and thank you so much, Nancy!"


PhD Student`

“Nancy worked with me in 2013 when I was finishing my masters thesis. I've always struggled with time management, and was worried I'd miss the deadline. Nancy helped me prioritize, set realistic goals, and get things done. She held me accountable for my daily to-do items. She was firm but she was also my biggest cheerleader. She stopped me from beating myself up when I screwed up; I'd go in with a shamefaced look and I'd get a pep talk. Her drive and positivity set an example for me that I couldn't help but live up to. With Nancy's help, I finished my thesis on time, I got my life organized, and I started doing the volunteer work that I'd always wanted to do but felt I didn't have time for. Nancy showed me I could live life, not just survive it. I'll be forever grateful to her for helping me to be my best self."


Master Student

"Nancy is always very energetic and never hesitates sharing her positive attitude for life with her students. During my junior college year, I was her student for an academic counseling session and also a statistics tutoring session. At that moment, I was very confused about what to do in the future and felt disappointed about myself. I was so lucky to have Nancy as a peer who provided me with very practical solutions. Her suggestions ranged widely from healthy life routines, basic study strategies, and ways to improve confidence to how to find my future goal step by step. She was definitely one of those important people who helped me out of the bad situation and find myself again."


Statistics Consultant

"Nancy was a wonderful Academic Counselor, tutor, and life coach at large. As a student returning from a semester off, I was looking for help in getting back into the rigorous pace of life at Carnegie Mellon University. After having taken a semester to work in International Relations, I had also realized that I did not want to major in IR. I was looking for guidance on which majors to consider given my interests. It was at this time that I met Nancy through the Academic Development department at CMU. We started off with weekly sessions, where she taught me best practices for student life from general time management to tackling dense textbook passages. The tips and tricks she taught me in these sessions helped me to greatly succeed at my semester back, where I managed to get increasingly involved in student life and also achieve high marks in all classes. The skills Nancy taught me have stuck with me to this day, and help me to juggle various projects and roles as a consultant in NYC. Not only did she teach me academic skills, but Nancy also organically provided great life coaching. Through sharing her own experiences as an undergrad, she helped me to examine myself and determine how to align my interests with a field of study. Once I had completed my months of learning with her, she even encouraged me to consider becoming an academic counselor myself. Even after our official sessions were over, Nancy always made herself available whenever I needed help to organize my schedule or strategize for a difficult exam. In my various interactions with Nancy was not just a trained counselor, but also genuinely cared about the successes of each of her students. Nancy has had a large and positive impact on my life, and I hope she'll be given the opportunity to do the same for many more people in the future."


Carnegie Mellon Student

“Nancy was an amazing academic counselor and I feel like our meetings were very helpful. I've learned a lot from her and now I feel better prepared to take on a lot of the academic challenges that CMU has to offer.”


Academic Development Director

“But, you are gifted in so many areas…and I think most life coaches don’t have that.

I honestly think that is your strength.”


Carnegie Mellon Student

“Nancy has been outstanding to work with. She has shared with me her methods for managing her own busy schedule, with an open mind always encouraging me to adapt practices to find what works for me personally. Since working with her I've learned a great deal about goal setting. Nancy has been particularly helpful in helping me learn to hold myself more responsible for meeting deadlines and commitments and helping me re-prioritize or re-schedule based on my actual progress. Additionally, Nancy is very personable and always has a positive attitude.”


During the year of 2012 at Carnegie Mellon University, a survey analysis was done of Nancy's academic counseling capabilities:

1. When asked to rate Nancy between Excellent, Good, Average, Fair or Poor for the following items, she received "Excellent" from a 100% of her students:

2. Over 91% of her students rated her "Time Management/Procrastination" and "Exam Prep" sessions as "Very Helpful."

3. When her students were asked "Overall, did the Academic Counseling sessions meet your expectations?" 84.6% of Nancy's students signed off on "Very much."


Academic Development Director

I am honored to write an endorsement for Ms. Nancy Geronian. Nancy worked for the Academic Development department of Carnegie Mellon University as an Academic Coach (AC) and tutor.


As an AC, Nancy's role was to:


Nancy was an outstanding Academic Coach. her work with her students demonstrated careful planning and organization. She was always prepared for her sessions and gave careful consideration to the individual needs of her students. I felt comfortable assigning any student to Nancy because she has the people skills and maturity needed to make anyone feel comfortable. She developed an instant rapport with her students and promoted a climate of trust and confidentiality. A student would just need a few minutes to interact with Nancy to know how passionate she is about her work. That passion was contagious and her students often excelled academically after working with her.

Prior to graduation, Nancy did a special project for our website. She worked with another coach to develop an on-line question/answer segment that helped students with frequently asked questions concerning study strategies and school/life balance. I was very pleased with the outcome as you can view here.

I enthusiastically recommend Nancy as your life coach. When you speak with Nancy, she is always present in the conversation, listening, contemplating and responding accordingly. She is polite and caring. She is confident in herself and her abilities, yet humble. She is a true team member, able to follow through on her commitments while also contributing to team efforts and supporting the work of those around her.


Carnegie Mellon Student

“I really enjoyed working with Nancy! Our meetings are always very helpful and she is very professional and knowledgeable about the material. I feel like I have really benefited from these meetings.”


Carnegie Mellon Student

“She is really great.”


Executive Vice President

Human Resources

iPEC Student

"In regards to Nancy's iPEC group leadership: "[...] there is a TED talk by Drew Dudley about Leadership. I like to think of it as lollipop moments. I was just facilitating some training this week in Mississippi and included this short video in my presentation. As I was watching it for the umpteenth time it struck me - that is Nancy and I have to tell her. Leadership isn't always about the big moments in life, sometimes we change lives or influence lives without even realizing it. Nancy I see you as one of these people. [...] Thanks for being a great leader."


IT Consultant

"There are only a few people on this planet that I would ever feel comfortable sharing my emotions with and Nancy is one of them. Her kindness and sincerity was an immediate trigger for me to express myself fully and find peace with my decisions. There is a lot of stress in the corporate word where the slightest mistake with someone can affect your brand. Dealing with this kind of stress was unbearable until I worked with Nancy. Today I focus on a work-life balance and share more of myself to the world instead of bottling up my emotions. With my anxiety and stress, I feel that when I express myself that I come across as complaining, but with Nancy that was never the case. If you want someone professional with the ability to make you feel wanted and actually listens then do hesitate to get in touch with Nancy!"


Public Relations

& Marketing Associate

"Nancy at FindYou Life Coach asked all the right questions to get me really thinking about the "why" and potential "how" of the situation. She was not only encouraging and positive, but also got me to think outside the box to discover possible solutions and next steps on my own. Though I was able to speak about what I wanted throughout the session, Nancy was great at guiding the conversation into one that was positive and constructive for me."



"While I was initially hesitant to participate in a Life Coach session, Nancy calmed my nerves with her warm personality and positive feedback. She took the time to explain her unique role by insisting that I focus on the present. Nancy taught me how to realistically achieve my professional and personal goals. In regards to the session, I was able to open up about my deepest challenges and struggles because of her incredible ability to listen and guide the conversation with ease. Nancy has a true talent - I highly recommend her services. I think what sets her apart is her ability to work with a diverse group of clients. She knows what is holding a client back; she is not afraid to make you think on a deeper level to notice it for yourself. She has chosen the perfect career to help others be the best version of themselves."